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Monday Blues

Monday Blues

made instantly better by this pup, an espresso and the fact that it’s my birthday.¬†::cheers::


Monday Blues

monday blues

monday is going to suck anyways, might as well look good during it.

tassels ftw.

That’s Whatsup


spring 2015 must.  

Baby It’s Cold Outside

IMG_7713.JPGdon’t forget your knits.


Spring Break 2014

orlebar Brown

don’t be the guy with the faded suit.

Orlebar Brown 

Young At Heart

Detail Oriented


Baby It’s Cold Outside

bathing suit

PSYCHE! #fakewinter

Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

plaid coat.


Don’t Leave Home Without It

tie clip

tie clip.

Try Everything Once

just this once

printed jacket.

**I do not approve of the shirt underneath this picture**

Listen Up



ain't that the truth

Things That Never Go Out Of Style

James Dean

perfectly disheveled hair and convertibles.

The New Neutral